Volumetric Video Capture System

Film Real, Watch Virtual

HOLOSYS' technology films people and generates a 360° virtual 3D object of the recorded sequence, to populate your virtual, augmented and mixed reality applications with real performances. HOLOSYS is a fully-packaged equipment, including 4DViews' hardware for performances captation, and 4DViews' volumetric system software to generate high quality volumetric video sequences.

Watch 360° Performances

Volumetric video capture allows you to free your users' point of view, essential for VR, AR and MR; but also frees your mind throughout your VFX production pipeline, allowing you virtual camera work and unrestrained post-production scenes populating.

Digitalize Reality In A Snap

Get the clothes, their movements and their wearing on your models, as well as all natural subtle movements of the human body (or animal), which preserves the realism and immersion of your sequences.

Live Important Moments

Whether to preserve the moments of today, or relive immersively the great events of History, volumetric video will transport you to the heart of these instants by restoring all the emotion.

Feeling Close

Live unique immersive experiences with your idols, your favorite sport players or music bands.. (and so on), where and when you want it, like a privileged moment made specifically for you.

Intuitive Handling

With a minimal learning curve, just one person with basis computer and graphics knowledge can operate HOLOSYS, from video recording to volumetric sequences exporting.

Adjustable Equipment

Multiple HOLOSYS configuration can be set to let you film from full body close-up capture to large capture zone. Also, the processing speed can be increased as an option to meet the important needs of your business.


Capture Studio Environment: 4-walled chromakey or digital green studio
System footprint: D9m x H5m (USCS: D30ft x H16ft 5in)
Capture Volume: D4m x H2.4m (USCS: D13ft 1in x H7ft 10in)
Capture Rate: up-to 60 FPS
Recording capacity: 110 minutes (@30 FPS)
Storage capacity: Approx. 20 to 30hrs of volumetric data (@30 FPS)
Calibration: LED Wand
Calibration time: 2 - 3 minutes (recording and processing)
Processing rate: up-to 3hrs /min
User software: system control, target helper, data manager, archive manager, ...
Outputs: .4DS (optimized format)
.ABC (standard open format)
Datasize: Mobile: ~4MB /sec
Desktop: ~6MB /sec
Plug-in: Unity, Unreal and SDK available
Engines Compatibility: Unity3D, Unreal Engine, Maya, 3dsMax, Cinema4D, Blender3D, and more.
Devices Compatibility: Magic Leap One, HoloLens, HTC Vive series, Oculus series, Lenovo Mirage, ARKit & ARCore portable devices, and more.
Power consumption: ~9KW (up-to: 12KW under a substantial workload)


HOLOSYS is designed in its entirety by 4DViews and is a complete system solution where hardware and software are developed together to provide ease of use, reliability, and the best possible capture performances. It includes the following components:

How-to Purchase?

Our teams will be glad to welcome you in our head office and development studio, in Grenoble, France, to present you the HOLOSYS in use, and prepare your system acquisition project. For all international inquiries, please contact our commercial teams:

Worldwide sales: +33(0)967-404-878
(Central European Time: Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm)

Japan sales: +81 (0)3-5638-1818
(Crescent Inc., Tokyo)